welcome to palasade security fence manufacturers

Company Profile

The concept of Palisade Security Fencing has been around for many years, and is widely used in the UK and South Africa oth for industrial and domestic use.

Our company, Palisade Security Fence Manufacturers, brings this high security, aesthetically pleasing fencing concept to meet Queensland business and industrial needs

We manufacture our products right here in Queensland thus eliminating delays in production and delivery

Our Commitment

Our reputation relies on providing quality products and excellent service to our customers. Being a local business, we strive to deliver our competitively priced products on time and in an efficient manner. Our goal is to provide affordable steel security fencing, which is not only high quality, but also aesthetically pleasing to the Queensland market.

We strive to meet our clients requirements through excellent service and ever improving innovative designs

We appreciate your interest in Palisade Security Fence Manufacturers.